Email marketing that gets results.

Create and send next level emails to your subscribers.

Increase sales. Boost followers. Be found.

Why our email campaigns work.

Did you know email marketing still has the highest ROI of any marketing strategy, returning $47 on average for every dollar spent?

We create campaigns that have a memorable brand impact with clever copywriting and
a striking design. Our established content plan is tailored to your target audiences and convert clicks to customers.

Check out the benefits.

Business Linear color_expanded_05 Money

Increase Monetisation

Emails send a direct invite to customers to purchase new items and provide information on sales and promotions.

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High Conversion Rate

Send emails to customers who've already had contact with your brand or people who've subscribed to your email list. This allows us to target people who are more likely to convert. 

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Low Cost

There's no need to spend on ads. Emails mean we can reach your customers and promote your business with barely any cost.

The Process.

Email Campaign and Newsletter Optimisation

Through collected data from our generated leads, we will make sure to set up running email campaigns for you. Through this, we will feed a constant stream of information relevant to your client’s needs available for them. This will serve as a formal and proper channel for your subscribers or potential clients to hear about what’s new with your business and the latest offers you have for them. We will utilise tried and tested tools like Mailchimp to accomplish this.

A Personal Touch

As clients, we want to feel valued and appreciated, right? So, what better way for us to impart to our clients that we care about them than putting in that personal touch on your email campaigns or newsletters. Plus, it’s the best way to retain them and keep them loyal to your business.

Data Analysis

Email marketing will not only help your brand awareness but also help in studying collected data and use it for strategy building. It also enables us to tweak your email campaigns and strategies to cater to their growing and ever-changing wants and needs.

Let's chat about your project.